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Descomplica: why a social good startup migrated to AWS
Published in March 2017 | AWS Startups Blog

Startups in the social good sector are creating innovative technology to solve our society’s greatest challenges, but at the same time, they face a lot of complex problems themselves like access, permission models, and data storage. It takes time to understand the challenges and even longer to solve them. The situation is complicated with no one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why AWS is very excited to see a growing number of social good startups trust and pick us to support their technology. Learn more from Descomplica, a Brazillian EdTech startup who successfully migrated from another cloud provider to AWS.

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Startup Migration: around the world to AWS
Published in January 2017 | AWS Startups Blog

Top startups from around the world choose Amazon Web Services (AWS) not only because of our market leadership. In 2016, we saw a growing number of startups move to us because we fundamentally understand the startup story of building for scale and international expansion, yet doing it cost-effectively and nimbly. In this post, we dived deeper into our data with five top startups (Houzz, Lumosity, Go Ibibo, Fruitday and Seeking Alpha) to understand on why AWS is their cloud of choice.

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Less is more: what I learned as a travel minimalist
Published in August 2018 | Sassy Media Group

I decided I’ll travel differently this time – to go to places less heard of, to do things that are less conventional. I wasn’t running away when I left, in fact, I was running towards something big, something important. It was a hunger to grow and to learn.

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I want to say it first
Published in August 2016 | ThoughtCatalog

I coil up against you. Your heartbeat riots mine in violent rebellion. It reminds me of an aquatic creature – the swell of a single strong pump chased by a trailing tail of fading dreams. Swimming, gliding, meandering through the soft currents of my wandering mind. I am experiencing an entirely new spectrum of emotions. Feelings of utmost fullness.

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Places, not people
Published in May 2016 | ThoughtCatalog Books

Places, however, always remain the same. Past, present and future, they are the old friend who beckons you home, the one who supports both your happiness and sorrow. Places are the blank canvas you are about to paint, about to slash. They are the heavens you are about to glitterize. And with a splash, you illuminate all the small slivers of life. They become a part of you, a part of the dusty memories you keep so closely hidden in those mahogany bookshelves, littering the hallways of your mind’s labyrinth.

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