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Contributor to thoughtcatalog, sassy media group and amazon web services

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Current projects: Sent You A Postcard | Yes to Change

I am the Asia-Pacific Startup Lead on Google’s Cloud Startup team. My global team partners with startup organizations and their portfolio companies around the world to grow, connect and become successful with Google. Previously, I was a Global Program Manager on Amazon Web Services’ Startup Business Development team. I built, launched and scaled programs and products for startups and other key ecosystem partners. 

I graduated from the University of Pennsylvania (College and Wharton) with coursework across business, economics, international politics, and law. I spent a lot of my spare time directing a student organization, LIFT, that’s focused on breaking the poverty cycle in West Philadelphia. I also started Penn’s Poverty Awareness Week.

Hong Kong is my home but I move every 2-3 years. So far, I’ve also lived in Toronto, Philadelphia, New York City, and Seattle. Most recently, I moved myself and 2 suitcases to Singapore. I like change and especially ones that entices new experiences like immersive theatre and mental equilibrium. 

I write a lot. And paintTraveling and meeting passionate people drive me. I love creating things with my hands and mind. Easiest way to keep me engaged is by staying conceptual. There’s something so romantic about philosophy, thoughts and exploration of the unknown.

Three words to describe me would be Curious, Driven and Excitable. I have a lot of questions, and I cannot wait to find, learn or create the answers. Nothing is ever set in stone but I know my journey forward will leverage my passion and expertise in process, design and technology to solve big, global and complicated problems.